On the page before love in the Collins Paperback English dictionary is loss. Love is not always guaranteed, loss is. If it hasn’t found you already, it’s coming. It arrives in infinite forms – ‘everything you love you will lose’ (Francis Weller), and everything else too. ‘Everything changes’ is a universal truth. The dictionary describes loss in the form of a transaction, without the weight that it may carry. While bringing suffering and sorrow, the flipside of loss can be relief and liberation. Will you be ready to open the door when loss comes, and invite it in?

The dictionary seems inadequate in its description of the powerful energy which moves, holds, energizes, soothes and glues us together. It’s absence may be the driving force in our lives. However, such an important thing as love is hard to define. It may only be in the face of something’s loss that we can recognise love’s true shape. For me, love is connection plus meaning, and the seed of compassion. It is a towering force, yet hard to see – visible in the casual touch of a hand, an unmasked glance, a beating heart.