Bespoke Ceremonies For Loss

Marking Passing With Bespoke Ceremonies For Loss

Times are changing because there is growing awareness around the many possibilities for bespoke ceremonies for loss. These ceremonies also need different kinds of celebrants to conduct them. We are able to help to design and or conduct bespoke ceremonies for loss. These ceremonies include separation rituals, wakes, funerals or memorials. They could also be for another significant moment in your life.

Because we are artists we have a broad range of skills, experience and contacts from other disciplines to draw upon. Our strengths are that we can deliver something quirky, unusual and unique. We tailor what we offer to your needs through a process of explorative conversations. Over the years we have hosted, designed, performed or been players in a variety of special days.

We can also offer a combined service that includes our venue. Particularly if a non-religious space with a personal atmosphere is what you are looking for. We welcome small gatherings to mark the end of a life. While there are laws about death, dying and the disposal of a body, a funeral may be held in a private location.

Our Location

Our house may be suitable for your spiritual ritual or bespoke ceremony for loss or remembrance. It is a great place for an intimate gathering to mark a different milestone. Please refer to reference shots in the photo gallery on the location page.

“So we transport ourselves through dreaming, or trance or prayer from the mundane to the sacred or “less ordinary” or heightened reality. We celebrate within the support of a temporary community or congregation which shares common rules and beliefs. This exuberant process reinforces our identity and our humanity, ideally recharging our vitality. It gives us a sense of direction before we return to being alone with the everyday.”
Sue Gill and John Fox From ‘The Dead Good Funerals Book