Climate Change Anxiety Workshop

Feeling Nature

Three Hour Climate Change Anxiety Workshop to Help Process Feelings

‘Feeling Nature’ is an introduction to the landscape of grief for activists and environmental campaigners co-facilitated by Sarah and Tony Pletts.

This is an embodied workshop in which we will begin to explore the microcosm of our relation to nature and the world we live in. Why Grief Tending? Because it is one way to explore and express feelings. This may include sadness, anger, fear, guilt, overwhelm, numbness but also gratitude and solidarity.

We offer this workshop in response to the times we are living through. You may be affected by ‘climate grief’ or ‘climate change anxiety’. We invite you to give space and attention to your ‘feeling nature’. Whatever you are processing is welcome, although as a result of the timing it will be a dip into feelings rather than a deep dive.  The session will introduce some skills for personal resilience in the face of change.

Importantly a foundation of self-care allows us to live more fully. Allowing space to our feelings may help us to process them. As a result we work towards a better future together more effectively.

What To Expect

Our climate change anxiety workshop will include gentle exercises – from Betty Martin’s ‘Wheel of Consent’, the writing of Joanna Macy, Francis Weller and others. So in these 3 hours we will offer experiential exercises to touch upon connecting with:
Our bodies – Nature – Our feelings – Others.

GSDR Friendly – we welcome gender, sex and relationship diversity at our events.

Participant Testimonials:

“Often we feel alone & lost. Last night we were able to feel part of a larger whole.”

“Thank you again for such a beautifully designed and held tending circle last night. The care and generosity you gave us all really touched my soul and there is a lightness in my heart today that is so welcome.”

“I didn’t expect anything from it, and I came out feeling so regenerated, like some sort of deeper collective healing happened, and I feel reinforced into myself so that I can step into action with more power. Sarah and Tony facilitate with such skill and grace, gentleness and empathy, and they really hold a safe space for you to actually feel your feelings”

“The workshop was so powerful, I never imagined I’d be able to speak my truth and be able to cry in front of people (especially people I don’t know!) I usually stay in control, so it was very liberating. I can’t express how grateful I am for this experience. I feel that sharing my grief with these other beautiful human beings is a first step towards healing. I feel less stuck in my own thoughts and ready to open to hope.”

Why Grief Tending?

Because it is one way to resource ourselves in order to build regenerative culture and it can:
Offer an emotional outlet – Help transform our overwhelm into agency – Enable us to feel the support of others – Connect us with hope.

A commitment to self-care is much needed in order to enable us to support environmental activism. As a result these practices offer ways to use our energy more sustainably.

We are faced with increasingly difficult to hear scientific reports and predictions about the environment. Consequently Professor Jem Bendell offers a strategy called Deep Adaptation. First we must ‘take it to heart’, he suggests. Most importantly Grief Tending in the context of climate change anxiety is an invitation to bring the feelings that are evoked into your heart.

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“Despair is a transition. You don’t just go into despair and stay there. Have faith that if you go into despair there will be something on the other side; and therefore you will find a new basis for understanding, equanimity, meaning and joy after despair.”
Jem Bendell