Embracing Grief Workshop

Embracing Grief – An Ongoing Exploration

Monthly online workshops from January 2021 with ourselves and Bilal Nasim, booked through The Psychedelic Society.


Why Grief?

We all carry grief, whether we’re aware of it or not, whether we’re in relationship with it or not.

Grief is natural. It’s an essential mirror to the mystery of existence, which reliably delivers a rich selection of troubles from cradle to grave. Grief has many roots – knowing we will lose all that we love, our unloved selves, the sorrows of the world, what we expected and did not receive, the wounds of our ancestors; and many faces – anguish, despair, rage, shame, hopelessness, numbness.

So what are we to do with this grief? The modern paradigm is one of quiet domination – keep calm and carry on as we bury our grief under the weight of taboo and judgement. 

Yet there are consequences to being disconnected from our grief..

Our habit of causing harm to ourselves and others, intentionally and unintentionally, emotionally and physically, relates to our tendency to suppress, avoid and deny our grief. A natural flow of grief, when expressed and witnessed, can instead support us in opening up to life, and deepening our connection with both the human and non-human world.

For this reason, cultures across the globe see the work of regularly tending to one’s own grief as a social responsibility, an expression of community as well as the personal.

Embracing Grief: An Ongoing Exploration, is a series of monthly online grief-tending workshops. Each workshop is a stand alone session, and there is no obligation to come to more than one. However, there is also an opportunity, through attending regularly, to cultivate and nurture an ongoing relationship with your grief, as a journey in both personal and interpersonal healing. 

In these sessions we provide a space to be witnessed in our grief, and bear witness to the grief of others, and feel the depth of the support and union that often accompanies this shared expression. We do not set out to ‘fix’ our grief or its roots. Instead, we use recognised approaches to tend to and honour our grief exactly as it is, drawing on the practices, rituals and teachings of elders including Sophy Banks, Jeremy Thres, Sobonfu Somé, Malidoma Somé, Joanna Macy, Francis Weller, Martin Prechtel, and others.

The sessions are held on Zoom. However, how much you visually engage with the screen is optional. It is essential to prepare a quiet and private space where you won’t be interrupted.

Is this for me?

All sources of grief are welcome, none prioritised and none excluded. Some of you might find your grief right there on the surface, ready to be expressed, while others may take the time to connect with grief that feels stuck and difficult to access.

 The workshop is probably not suitable for those with severe depression or mental health problems, or those feeling particularly fragile, alone or unsupported. If you are unsure whether this workshop is right for you please don’t hesitate to contact either Sarah (welcome@loveandloss.co.uk) or Bilal (drbillyblanks@gmail.com).

Embracing Grief is on Friday 29th January 6pm – 10pm UTC.

Link to the Facebook Event Page here.

To reserve a place, buy a ticket through Dandelion Earth link here, and we will then send you a booking form, which must be completed before we send out joining instructions.

Tickets are on a sliding scale. £10 Low income (3 places), £40 Regular, £60 Abundant.