Grief Tending Workshop

Welcoming Love and Loss

A One Day Grief Tending Workshop

Co-facilitated by Sarah and Tony Pletts

We are primed to love. So as a consequence we have many different reasons to feel loss when we don’t feel held and cared for. We may suffer because of: relationship breakdown, loneliness, miscarriage, infertility, bereavement, loss of health, redundancy, death of a pet and childhood trauma. Other reasons may additionally include isolation from family, cultural oppression or exclusion and fear about the future to name a few.

There are many sources of grief, there are also different ways to respond. This is because our grief may include a spectrum of feelings.  These may include despair, anger, fear, numbness, overwhelm relief and joy. Although our Grief Tending Workshop includes practices that welcomes these complex emotions, most importantly we will work towards expressing our gratitude, honouring our feelings and recognising that we are part of the circle of life.

This experiential workshop serves as an introduction to Grief Tending. For one day we come together to support one another in temporary community.

What To Expect

We will share experiential exercises to encourage us to connect with:
Our bodies – Others – That which supports us – Our feelings – Energy for life.

We will prepare, building trust so that we are able to share an expressive group grief ritual. So we aim to provide a shame-free space that enables you to be yourself with whatever is present for you.

In order to create a ritual space we will use one or more shrines. In addition we will place objects or images to support us and look for ways to connect to our grief. We may also work with the element of water.

The day may include song, movement and celebration. It may also include clothed consensual touch.

We draw on exercises from Francis Weller, Joanna Macy, Maeve Gavin and others, and are inspired by the writing of Sobonfu E Somé and Malidoma Patrice Somé.

GSDR Friendly – we welcome gender, sex and relationship diversity at our events.

Why Grief Tending?

Some cultures have developed practical ways to process emotions. In the city, because we are often disconnected from nature, we have lost many of our old ways. So this workshop invites us to bring our urban digital selves back into connection with our bodies, our feelings and each other.

“Because we are wired to hold each other; we need to be held in life by warm hearts and loving arms.
Sophy Banks

So we invite you to bring your human heart, your vulnerability and your willingness to be curious.

Participant Testimonials:

“It was such a heart soothing and soul enriching experience to participate in the grief-tending space you created. I felt so utterly welcomed, free to bring whatever was alive in me, and never pressured to be anywhere I wasn’t. I had moments of feeling a huge resilience in myself, and was allowed to dance with that, and invite what was hiding underneath. The space that you created felt so balanced between giving room for individual experience and grounding it in the safety of our communal experience.”

“It was such a gift to be in a space which was so beautifully prepared with so much attention to detail and so lovingly held. It was a heart opening experience to let grief collectively move through us as a group and feel the connection, and for me a deeply soothing experience.”

Next Scheduled Workshops:

To be confirmed as a consequence of Covid-19 restrictions.

Welcoming Love And Loss –
Cost – we operate a sliding scale. Each place includes a £30 non-refundable deposit. Please contact us for a booking form.
£35 Bursary (limited number). £55 Low Waged (limited number). £75 Regular. £95 Higher. £120 Supporter.

Connecting Through Grief –
A one-day grief tending workshop led by Sarah Pletts and Bilal Nasim. This workshop is suitable for those wanting a space to explore, honour and tend to their grief. All sources of grief are welcome, none prioritised and none excluded. Some might find their grief right there on the surface, ready to be expressed, while others may take the time to connect with grief that feels stuck and difficult to access.
Further information coming soon.
Cost – we operate a sliding scale. Each place includes a £30 non-refundable deposit. Please contact us for a booking form.
£35 Bursary (limited Number). £55 Low Waged (limited number). £75 Regular. £95 Higher. £120 Supporter.

“Water resets a system gone dry. In this western culture the most crucial task requiring the reconciling energy of water may be the confrontation of overwhelming contradictory emotions carried by people.”
Malidoma Patrice Somé