Online Grief Workshops

Embracing Grief

Online Grief Workshop – Holding, Sharing, Witnessing

Embracing Grief – Online grief workshop with Bilal Nasim, Sarah Pletts and Tony Pletts.

Why A Grief Workshop?

Grief Tending is a powerful and communal way to process difficult emotions. Each person’s unique grief process is in response to a wide range of life experiences, not just bereavement. Our sadness, rage, fear, hopelessness, betrayal, shame and numbness are often hidden. Grief Tending offers a healing space to explore, without trying to fix anything. With the support of a group process, Grief Tending can help us reconnect to life.

What Happens in a Grief Workshop?

We begin by simple exercises to develop a sense of safety within the group. This includes a focus on what supports us. During part of the session we will hold a Grief Circle together. During this there will be the opportunity to share something, and to witness others. Challenging themes and strong expressions of emotion may come up and are welcome. The session is 4 hours on Zoom, and includes a variety of exercises to support and integrate our journey.

In these sessions we use recognised approaches to tend to and honour our grief exactly as it is, drawing on the practices, rituals and teachings of elders including Sophy Banks, Jeremy Thres, Maeve Gavin, Sobonfu Somé, Joanna Macy, Francis Weller, Martin Prechtel, and others.

Is This Workshop For Me?

This is for you if you are working with personal change, loss, heartache or dealing with the impact of past trauma. You may also be struggling with collective themes, or seeking to build resilience. Bereavement is one of many reasons which might draw you to grief work.

Each person works at their own pace. Some might find grief right there on the surface, ready to be expressed, while others may take the time to connect with grief that feels stuck and difficult to access. We invite you to bring your kind, respectful awareness to give space to the responses which may arise in others.

We hold these sessions on Zoom. However, how much you visually engage with the screen is optional. Preparing a private space with no interruptions is essential.

The workshop may not be suitable for those with severe depression or mental health problems, or those feeling particularly fragile, alone or unsupported. We’re available to discuss this with you if you are unsure whether this workshop is right for you at the moment, so please don’t hesitate to contact Sarah ( or Bilal (

Forthcoming Online Events

Embracing Grief – our next monthly 4 hour online workshops are on Sunday 6th February 1-5pm (UTC), Friday 18th March 4-8pm (UTC), and Friday 8th April 4-8pm (UTC) 2022.
Further information and bookings through Dandelion Earth can be found here.

Embracing Grief – our Queer and GSRD 4 hour online workshop is at on Friday 4th February 2022 from 3-7pm (UTC).
Further information and bookings through Dandelion Earth can be found here.

Places are priced on a sliding scale. £10 Low income (3 places), £40 Regular, £60 Abundant.
To reserve a place, please go to the links above for ticket sales, and we will then send you a booking form, which must be completed before we send out joining instructions.

Participant Testimonials:

“It was so powerful to witness others and being witnessed. Showing my vulnerable side is not always welcome in daily life, so I’m extremely grateful for this space. The facilitators are super attentive, resourceful and authentic; I felt held and safe throughout the session and afterwords. The courage and honesty of the attendees were inspiring.”

“It was such a heart soothing and soul-enriching experience to participate in the space you created. I felt so utterly welcomed, free to bring whatever was alive in me, and never pressured to be anywhere I wasn’t. I had moments of feeling a huge resistance in myself, and was allowed to dance with that and invite what was hiding underneath. The threads that you wove to create our container felt so gently, lovingly and intentionally woven, held with both sincerity and lightness.”

“Thanks so much for creating a space of support and love. I felt safe at all times and the suggestions to move off screen or turn off the camera meant that I felt I wasn’t stuck to a box on screen. All the facilitators held space for each person and guided it when needed.”

Embracing Grief flyer holding sharing witnessing