Casino Of The Senses

Every One’s A Winner

The Casino Of The Senses invites you to take a spin on our fruity roulette wheel of fate – 37 fun, sensual, edgy, profound and silly challenges awaiting every daring player. You could get to tell the history of your love life in interpretative dance or play out your greatest fantasy with the aid of dolls. You could win your very own peep show or with absolution on hand be asked to recount a past embarrassing experience. Whether you are on a roll, or fancy losing more than your shirt, we offer you the chance to hit the sensory jackpot.  So, go for broke without spending a penny, consent to the wheel and put everything on red…

Devised for Divine Ridiculous’s 2018 Clerkenwell Tarot. Also featured at Winter House Mistress Mary Festival 2019 (successor to The Secret Garden Party), Summer House 2019 and Winter House 2020.

Please contact us if you are interested in booking The Casino Of The Senses for your event or festival.

“Life is impoverished, it loses in interest, when the highest stake in the game of living, life itself, may not be risked.”
Sigmund Freud


Casino Of The Senses Customer Reviews

“Wow. There’s an elegant simplicity about this structure that totally belies the skill, care and sophistication that went into its design and execution. Each outcome may be slightly, or deeply, different, depending on the person who spins the wheel. Each experience is a mini transformational encounter, conceived and performed with such, wit, insight and wisdom. Tony and Sarah are masters of their game. I would urge anyone who has the slightest inclination to partake to grab the opportunity with both hands. You’ll be so glad you did.”
Player at Winter House 2019

“They offered me something I didn’t know I needed. Pure Bliss, safety and freedom.”
Player at Bohemia, Mistress May Festival 2019

“So much fun. So liberating to be challenged in a safe and wonderful space. Absolutely addicted!”
Player at Summer House 2019