Love to the Power of Three

An Erotic Memoir

Love to the Power of Three charts a year in Tony’s unconventional marriage to Sarah. Its graphic and queer centred narrative is driven forward by masculine insecurity and grand passions.  With locations varying from Burning Man to Bamako and debates encompassing subjects as diverse as ‘play party etiquette’ and ‘Al Qaeda’s campaign in the Sahel’, Love to the Power of Three consequently charts the year Tony turned fifty and describes how Tony and Sarah both fell in love with the same woman.

Seriously delving into this frequently misunderstood and rarely covered subject of threesomes, it examines triads from historical, psychological and political perspectives. Mingling retrospective analysis and high drama, it is a celebration of what it can mean to be married in the 21st century. A heartfelt and surprising journey into expanded love through confusion, sex, trauma, fear, near death, failure and togetherness.  Love to the Power of Three offers a male perspective on a female led Sapphic adventure. Its provocative questions also make it an accidental beginners guide to the complex world of polyamory.

Finally, adding the stamp of her approval, Sarah has written a poem to go with each chapter.  Born out of London’s hip and burgeoning conscious sexuality scene in 2011 & 2012, this story of living life to the full should have a wide appeal due to its classic mythic structure and primal themes.

Currently in the final stages of editing, it’s also represented by Cull & Co.

Endorsements for Love To The Power Of Three

Extraordinary. Beautiful. Inspiring. This is a book about love unlike any other.
Lucy Anne Holmes, author of Don’t Hold My Head Down

‘A fascinating book, offering a fresh and accurate portrayal of the conscious sexuality scene, while also examining the myriad emotions that an alternative lifestyle can introduce. Sex, mortality and growth are all explored in this original and moving memoir. Far more than simply erotica, this is a must-read, whether you’re new to the fetish scene and want guidance or simply wish to peek behind the curtain of the alternative sexuality communities.’
Emily Dubberley, author of 29 internationally-published books on sexuality, including Garden of Desires: The Evolution of Female Sexuality