About Us

Who Do We Think We Are?

Sarah and Tony Pletts are learning to live fully with both love and loss without shame, to embody and express more of ourselves. Our projects aim to encourage connection with our bodies, in relationship with others, in community and with nature through playful exploration of profound themes. Sarah and Tony Pletts love to collaborate and often work with other facilitators and teams.

Sarah Pletts

I see life in colour, find pleasure in making, create meaning through ritual and am curious to discover more about the world we live in. Also I love to communicate about the things that are important to me. I seek to become more authentically myself through exploring my own body, sexuality and inner life.

As a child I wanted to uncover the hidden and unspoken things in my family.  When I was 23 my father died which sparked a fascination with mortality. Since then I have been digging into family history, always in search of congruent truths. I want to meet the skeletons in closets.

I live in London with my partners and chosen family. I love walking the dog, talking to crows, grooving to funk, savouring virtuous chocolate and going to the kind of theatre that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Also I am inspired by Tibetan Buddhism, and nature. Above all I have learned most from the people and animals I have known, my own illness and recovery, the places I have travelled to and the things that have happened to me on the journey of life so far.

2019 Apprenticing to Grief Workshop Sophy Banks and Jeremy Thres
2018 Autobiographical Theatre Workshop Bryony Kimmings
2005 Starting the Journey – Rites of Passage Workshop – Dead Good Guides
1987 MA Fine Art Chelsea School of Art

Tony Pletts

So much of my life has been about Love and Loss. In the conscious sexuality scene and in my private life I have explored love to the full with Sarah and others. In losing parents at an early age I had an early introduction to Loss. Over the last few years loss has been an increasingly profound teacher, both in exploring traditional therapies and more esoteric pathways.

Professionally since 1987 I have been managing director of Einstein’s Octopus Ltd. My company specialises in art direction, set building, model making and special effects for the film & music industry, events and exhibitions. I am used to handling substantial budgets on prestige projects, large crews and challenging situations.

I have also travelled extensively (to over 60 countries) and found myself exploring many different cultures and belief systems. Above all I am drawn to countries at the sharp end of Western opinion. Relishing time in places like North Korea, Iran, Yemen and both China and Russia in the early 80’s. I have been published as a travel photographer & writer and made and presented two series for BBC Radio 4, one about tourism in North Korea, the second about staying with Kazakh Eagle Hunters in Western Mongolia with my son.

Part of the 5 Rhythms community for 25 years; Burning Man for 20 years; and the Conscious Sexuality community for 10 years. I am not afraid to go on external and internal journeys.

2019 Apprenticing to Grief Workshop Sophy Banks and Jeremy Thres

Other Co-Facilitators

Bilal Nasim

Bilal Nasim is a facilitator and artist exploring what it means to be alive and our relationship with death. Alongside holding grief spaces, Bilal regularly hosts Death Cafe‘s, is training as a death doulas, is a personal resilience trainer with Tough Cookie and the co-founder of Dark Matters LDN.