Grief Tending Events

Grief Tending Events

We hold Grief Tending events in London and on-line – workshops that provide a chance to connect with our feelings. Open unexpected doorways to pleasure, fun and joy through this work. We hold supportive group experiences to dance with the unknown or unseen. In these workshops we give attention to our grief and what supports us. There is also space for any other feelings which may (or may not) arise. Similarly, this work can be a helpful way to process anger, fear, sorrow, overwhelm, or numbness.

Why is This Work Needed?

“Trauma involves a lifelong pushing down, a tremendous expenditure of energy, and to not feeling the pain. As we heal, that same energy is liberated for life and for being in the present. So the energy of trauma can be transformed into the energy of life.”
Gabor Maté ‘The Wisdom of Trauma’

As a practice, Grief Tending is one mechanism to address the impact of stresses. It can be a way to release old emotions stored in our bodies. Alternatively we may be struggling with current feelings. The causes of our suffering and expressions of it will vary hugely. Because of our socialisation, our cultural backgrounds, families, personal histories and our personalities we each deal with difficult issues in different ways. So for some this may be useful as part of a process to reconnect mind and body. In addition, taking part in a grief ritual can be a powerful supplement to other therapies and personal development work.


How Does it Work?

In a Grief Tending ritual we will give loving attention to what arises in order to allow but not ‘fix’. Because expressing emotions can be taboo, we offer a place to explore the uncomfortable in ways that may be unfamiliar. Furthermore we do this with the support of a temporary community of strangers. Our workshops involve practices to open our hearts. We offer shared grief rituals which can be of our own design or drawn from the wisdom of many teachers including the work of Sophy Banks and Jeremy ThresMaeve Gavin, and the writing of Joanna Macy, Francis Weller and Sobonfu Somé.

In our workshops there will be the opportunity to touch into feelings in a respectful setting and feel kindness for yourself and others. While we may have different sources of grief, it can be especially powerful to grieve together. However, we encourage participants to go at their own pace, while taking care of their needs. We welcome gender, sex and relationship diversity (GSDR) at our events.

Different Grief Tending Events

A four hour workshop offers an introduction to the practice of grief tending.
One day events give more time and space to the process. For some, grief may be difficult to access, and a longer event can be helpful. Grief Tending is also something that can be returned to, as a forum to process feelings regularly. Sometimes we offer grief rituals and events with specific themes. We can also offer bespoke grief rituals and workshops, contact us here.

Forthcoming Grief Tending Events

Embracing Grief – our next monthly 4 hour online workshops are on Sunday 6th February 1-5pm (UTC), Friday 18th March 4-8pm (UTC), and Friday 8th April 4-8pm (UTC).
Bookings through Dandelion Earth can be found here. Further information about the workshop can be found here.

Embracing Grief – our all day in person workshop in London on Saturday 12th March 2022 10am-6pm.
Bookings through Dandelion Earth can be found here. Further information about the workshop can be found here.

Embracing Grief – our Queer and GSRD 4 hour online workshop is on Friday 4th February 2022 3-7pm (UTC).
Further information and bookings through Dandelion Earth can be found here.

Participant Testimonials

“The experience of grief tending has given a quantum leap to my healing process. Since my husband died 5 years ago, I’ve struggled to grieve alone but also struggled to be around others. Especially in a society that doesn’t quite know how to deal with those bereaved.  I was able to openly grieve together with others and be supported and supportive in that. This has had a healing effect out of proportion to the single day I spent in a grief tending workshop.  It felt so utterly and undeniably true that grieving is not a process carried out as an individual but one that should probably be dealt with in community.  Similarly that we were all grieving together is an experience that has just helped me tremendously.” – Anon

“A really beautiful, nourishing, supportive ritual handled with real skill and compassion by the facilitators. Thank you.” – Anon